Duradek Certified Installers

As waterproof deck specialists and Duradek certified installers we take great care to make sure all procedures are followed in the installation of this waterproofing system. Duradek’s reputation for superior performance in its waterproofing products, is proven through products that last for decades. However, like most waterproofing products, proper installation is very critical in order to benefit from the strength of the product. Due to the critical nature of the installation, Duradek can only be installed by trained and authorized installers who are highly skilled in the critical details of exterior waterproofing.

Duradek Certified Installers, Waterproof Deck SpecialistsDuradek has unwavering confidence in the durability and reliability of their Duradek Ultra vinyl membranes and its Durarail powder-coated aluminum railings. Duradek is a leader in rooftop decks and outdoor waterproof flooring, so they know that when it comes to building a deck and waterproofing it to last, it’s all about the details. Campbell Hamilton Roofing was selected as a Duradek Certified Installers based on their knowledge, skills, and commitment to excellence which is essential elements in the Duradek equation.

Campbell Hamilton Roofing travels all over Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma providing expert installation of Duradek products. We have been Duradek Certified Installers for over 6 years with hundreds of satisfied customers.

The video below is a brief overview of how vinyl deck membranes of the Duradek system effectively waterproofs – and more importantly how effective it is over living spaces. This is a simplified visual representation of Duradek’s vinyl deck membrane waterproofing (for those who are not familiar with this type of system). For more information or to see more waterproofing details that are involved in a Duradek installation, go check out Installation Details on their website.

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For detailed product information, go to Duradek Ultra Product Data Sheet and and then call the waterproof deck specialists at Campbell Hamilton Roofing at 903-738-4508 about your decking project.